COMPILE HTC KERNEL FROM SOURCE This version also includes a number of optimizations and odd bug fixes present in the HTC version.
Instead of downloading cm10 the readme inclided with the HTC source has directions for getting a tool chain which will compile the source.
I will make a tutorial on how to combine the zImage created with a ramdisk to make a boot.
This is a niche that XDA Senior Member thewadegeek is looking to fill with a comprehensive tutorial on building a kernel from source.
The tools needed to build the Linux kernel as used for Android are pretty specific version.
Android requires the kernel be built with a very specific version of the tools used.
GIT is a standard code hosting program that Android uses to keep track of their versions.
PGP key to ensure everything and anything you download from the Android GIT repo is really from Google.
Make sure there is a space between the last letter of the folder name and the word kernel at the end of this line.
Look at the last few lines of output to see the names and locations of any modules.
Use the Python script to extract the ramdisk delete the kernel that was inside the boot.
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I have actually done this and mailed the USB stick overnight courier to a colleague in Mexico who needed to repartition a harddrive.
They both describe the compilation of your own Android Kernel both focus on the HTC Hero as their example device.
It allows you to include abilities not normally present in the stock kernel such as overclocking and BFS.
Before we start compiling we are going to require the correct environment and tool set.
Linux which runs version 6 this should be fine except if you want to compile an AOSP kernel.
I guess if your here its because you want to build your own kernel from the HTC GB Kernel source for the HTC Droid Incredible.
The method I descripe below is what worked for me to get this thing to build and boot.
I also assume that you are fully aware that any damage caused to your devices from YOU following this guide is held at your own responsibility.
Next grab your HTC Droid Incredible kernel source archive and just open it with archive manager.
Anyways after the compiler finishes building it will tell you where to locate your kernel and wifi driver.
I take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong by you following these instructions.
I have som problem when porting my custom kernel on my HTC Desire when following your steps.
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