Motorola cable box pixelation

Channel 109 which is the local PBS station here in Seattle seems to be the worst offender.
This is an HD station and when it is not pixelating the picture is as sharp as one could hope for.
As I said I called about this a few months ago and they told me to uplug the box.
This makes a bit of sense since the line to the bedroom is farther from the line in.
When this problem happens it is bad enough to ruin which ever show we are watching.
Last night on our main set we had some moderate pixelation on channel 109 and the values had dropped to just below 30 for both tuners.
We had a technician out about a year ago who actually admitted a problem with the signal going into my neighborhood.
The best part is that there is no record of the technition even finding the issue or having the issue fixed.
I do hope that with google taking over their mobility section that they do something about this for future devices.
Considering the size of this box and how little it does the amount of heat it puts off is ridiculous.
I have had three similar models of Motorola boxes over the years and they all run ridiculously hot.
Comcast reply to Morac A technician came out and called me from the box outside of my house to tell me that my high end signal strength was too low.
He said my low end signal strength was fine which explains why the analog channels used to look okay.
OR reply to Morac many times when an intermittant line problem occurs the line tech will decide to flagg an account so that an oncall line tech will run out when a customer calls and says that the problem is happening at that specific time.
He said the only solution we have to complain to the building manager who has to call Comcast and have the wire updgraded.
Comcast reply to Morac This was happening to me also but went away as quickly as it appeared.
It has nothing to do with our lines atleast inside of the house because it only started a few weeks ago and on a few chanels and only with the digital boxes but its in every room that has a digital box.
Then all of the sudden it goes away for a while then comes back and the channel freezes.
Field Supervisor who has had some work done on the local infrastructure in the street.
I have little hope that Comcast is going to be able to fix the problem until the technology matures.
They will stumble around for a while and will pass the trouble ticket on to the headend folks.
I called today since I am still having problems and was told that they are waiting on an order for an amplifier.
Comcast Chicago came out and the tech said there were bad connectors in the house.
We had the same problem once before the dvr install and Comcast ran some new lines outside.
The new lines and outdoor splitter did clear up the problem until the dvr install.
This started last thursday when i dvred alias and tried to watch it back when the sound just kept cutting out and the picture becoming very pixelated.
Numerous phone conversations with them and two more trips by poorly trained technicians.
When it comes to digital and hd boxes you see a certain channel or channels not working.
The tech trouble shooting will need a frequency chart showing what is what for his system.
And then he will have to have a meter that can read those frequencies and other readings pertaining to it.
If a majority of the channels on your box pixelate or freeze up then it may be bad signal or ingress just to name a few.
If you notice that one channel will work but the immediate channel next to freeze or say temp of air then that is a majority of the time a frequency issue.
For example channel 5 on the box works fine but channel 6 freezes and skips Chances are every other channel on the frequency including 6 will not work.
Now you have to have the right tools and proper code reading tools to work on them.
I called Comcast and they sent out a technician and he replaced some outside cable splitters.
Of course one of the local HD channels will be carrying the Super Bowl so I am trying to figure out the next step.
I am thinking that I need to run a cable from the side of the house directly to the HDTV to reduce signal loss.
I agree with you that this happens mainly with Fox and ABC shows that I have recorded.
Neighbors and family members using alternative sources for their TV signal are not experiencing the problems on their DVRs.
Another cox tech came out and found there was an attenuator in line with the cable from the telephone pole.
A friend said that they went and had their box replaced and the problem resolved.
I recommend calling your local Cox Tech Support number so we can run a quick test.
Part of the issue is trying to run HD and data intensive signals across the older wiring that many houses have.
I will also make sure that everyone knows that Comcast does not care about quality.
If you do this and continue to have trouble we can send a signal or sent a tech out.
The reason the box does not automatically reboot once in a while is so it does not interfere with TV watching or recording.
I have had problems with Comcast services for about five months now and NOTHING seems to fix them.
The morons at Comcast told me that it will be four days before I can get a technician to come out and see if they can fix the problem.
The metal casing around the copper wire inside is to help keep interference out from going through your cable.
Or you may be living near a cell phone tower which can cause interference inside the cable wire cause the signal is much stronger.
I took mine apart last night and noticed right away that only a few pieces of the outer wiring was in contact with the connector.
The problem goes away for weeks and then strikes on different channels on different days for a while.
At least this forum has convinced me that it is pointless to try to deal with them as a single consumer.
We did everything that Comcast suggested from tightening the connections to unplugging the cables boxes.
We finally ditched Comcast and got Direct TV because we were tired of dealing with the same issue again and again.
Did some online research and found that people had success with a Motorola signal booster.
When I called for reset or resending of signal guy told me they dont do that or it does not help.
I said dude I have had Comcast for like 15 years and they have resent signal like 15 times.
DirecTV each time a cloud passed by or it rained we lost the picture for an hour.
My low cost cable turned into a major expense and they refused to come take it out of the house or off the bill.
I know if I dont like my new box they will switch it out or down grade my service without argument.
The reason everyone here is experiencing pixelation problems is because Comcast is reluctant to troubleshoot their own cable lines.
When the tech did not show up I called to find out why and all I was told was the appointment was cancelled due to a service interruption.
Happening every 5 to 10 seconds It was impossible to watch TV so I turned it off for the evening.
He went outside and check wires and indicated there were problems with some wires outside.
ART connected to Mortorola HDTV reciever After several hrs ON the video starts to become .
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I began searching through this forum for some answers but could not find anyone with recent issues with pixelation.
After putting everything back together I noticed that two channels had slight pixelation.
I think I solved the issue and learned how sensitive the TiVo box is to the quality of the signal coming in.
I do not have a cable box attached to this TiVo and the signal coming in is clear and strong from Cox cable.
Please also post the model of TiVo you have and what version of software you currently have.
I wanted to add my case since I did have the audio dropout almost exactly as described here.
I spoke to TiVo customer support and after some basic trouble shooting she decided that the problem was most likely that the new software was accessing drive sectors that the old software did not and therefore the problem was that my hard drive was bad.
I have tried every quality setting with NO IMPROVMENT on the pixelization problem.
The water pixelates to the point where I can freeze frame and count each block on the screen.
I went to the TivoToGo thing on the website where you can sign up for the TiVoToGo update and signed up for it so hopefully it updates soon and that helps the situation.
Then this past week the video went blank several times during a 1 hour recorded show while the audio remained.
I have not reported these problems to customer service due to the fact that they are being reported by several others.
I did unplug and restart my system several weeks ago and that provided some improvement in menu speed and helped to solve the fast forwarding issue however the pixelation and video drop out problems still remain.
Hopefully Tivo Bill will be checking out this thread since he recommended that it be started.
I hope that Tivo address the issue soon since it is very frustrating for us loyal Tivo supporters.
AM As previously mentioned above I switched drives and still had the pixelation issue.
I tried the various options in the SETUP section of the TiVo menu including erasing ALL my season passes and all recorded shows as well as erasing all thumb ratings etc.
Maybe it will last until TiVo is able to determine the cause and resolve the issue.
You get no error message and you can only tell your transfer is cut off during playback or by file size.
The only way to move a damaged show to your PC is by using a video capture device.
Most likely something in the OS or the programming is causing the hard drive to thrash.
I tried and they say they have no problems and they have NO reports of the problem I was reporting.
A lot of the pixelation problems I believe are not the channel changing with cable box but the same as what we are experiencing.
I took it offline so that I could see if the static and audio drop outs were fixed.
Interesting as yours if affectively having an issue ENCODING the video to the HDD so anything recorded is affected.
PM Interesting as yours if affectively having an issue ENCODING the video to the HDD so anything recorded is affected.
Also get the increasingly slower menus which require periodic reboots to temporarily fix.
Was told development is well aware of the problems and is actively working on a solution.
TiVo they are also claiming they know nothing of any other pixelation issues other than the channel changing with cable boxes.
It is this attitude from TiVo that is frustrating me as I really like the whole concept.
I suggest that anyone with these issues report them to Tech Support and request a REFUND of the service fees on that box from the date they started getting the problem.
I wish there is a way to find out if my TiVo is experiencing hardware problem or performance issue.
Bought a 540 series last August and everything worked perfect until about two months ago.
About the same time the video problems developed I also started noticing a slowdown in remote functions and menus.
AM Interesting as yours if affectively having an issue ENCODING the video to the HDD so anything recorded is affected.
For the first time in about a week my 240 TiVo was exhibiting the problem and it was bad.
I can neither play a program in the bedroom or transfer it to my 540 in the livingroom.
I am to the point that I am steering people away from Tivo now and telling them to just get the Comcast DVR.
The problem unit I have is for the kids so records a lot of Disney channel stuff on 5 season passes.
I am done wasting my valuable personal time on this unit which TiVo is not seemingly concerned about.
I just had a 2nd Motorola 6412 HD DVR installed in the bedroom and the bedroom TiVo reassigned to the kids.
The support personnel are actually very nice but they are not being informed fully I believe.
Now at a much better company who cares for their employees and there are 2 of us for 300 employees.
DELL had a similar issue a year or so ago when they farmed out some of their level 1 tech support to India etc.
It was a nightmare to get them to understand what you were talking about sometimes.
I am sure they would offer to transfer the lifetime to another box if you paid them to exchange the box.
I might as well just go with Comcast as there is no out of pocket fee to buy the unit.
AM I can tell you if you do either option you will need to redo all of your Season Passes.
When I called the other day and complained to TIVO the guy came right out and told me that he knew of the problem and that they were working on a fix.
His thought was that someone probably already told me to erase my system and try to start fresh.
I did my cold start I believe on Sunday and here we are Saturday morning and it is still working fine.
Hey if it means I need to do this once a week it is better than finding that my recordings were all messed up like my Third Watch Finale.
AM Hey if it means I need to do this once a week it is better than finding that my recordings were all messed up like my Third Watch Finale.
Apparently only the older units are getting this update as they were more vulnerable to the problems.
My impression is the only way to revert is to pull the drive and copy a fresh disk image from an older version of the software to it using a PC.
I get to wait on hold while sony will finally come back and say they will make a ticket number or something and get back with me never.
Whatever happened this last time had to have something to do with why the unit locked up and forced me to unplug it.
Tech support first claimed that bad cable connections or proximity to external speakers was the likely culprit.
Only after I insisted that I had made no changes to my setup and a long wait while a supervisor was consulted did I learn that it was a software problem.
I was credited a months service fees and was told to force connection several times a day to speed the deployment of the fix to my box.
Because I remember how much I used to love Tivo I agreed not to cancel my service.
I think if and when Tivo comes up with the fix it will be forced to all units since they are probably getting a lot of calls on it.
PM The issue described in this thread occurs only on digital cable boxes and only for a few seconds after a channel change.
Contact Customer Support for yor particular box if you continue to see that type of issue.
Either Tivo has to either admit that the software is too much for their system to handle or we are just going to get stuck with the problems.
This thread was started for those that have pixelation all the time and NOT just when changing channels with a cable box.
I have a DirecTivo and have been experiencing pixelation issues for a month and they seem to be getting worse.
I have analog cable straight through the wall which comes in fine when not passing through the TiVo.
I worked through the majority of the recordings on my unit and did the cold boot thing again.
PM I too originally posted that unplugging the unit and waiting a while before plugging back in had helped.
But I found that process stopped helping even when all my recordings were deleted.
I have a few new observations about this problem on my machine that I want to share with you.
While on vacation in December I had a pipe in my attic freeze and totally flood my house.
Of course I took my TiVo with me to catch up on the stuff I recorded while I was gone.
All this tells me that the problem probably has nothing to do with fragmentation of the drive as I have suggested in the past.
The only new idea I have is to advise all of you that have tried the cold boot solution and not have it fix the problem is to try it several more times.
My machine has been working perfectly for the past couple of weeks after I finally got my system put back together.
I have found to improve the situation is to unplug the box and restart it that way.
Something threw the process out of whack and the TiVo has been having flaky lapses since.
I finish transfering some stuff to my PC that my sister wants to see over the weekend.
I might call tech support still just to have it on record that I had problems with the unit initially but it seems the issue was just a fragmentation of sorts in the buffer or swap file used.
Contact your cable provider for further assistance if the above instructions fail to reset the box.
Cable boxes have processors similar to a computer and can stop working until the.
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